Each Player receives a button up game jersey, belt, sock, bottoms, hat, and practice jersey.

During winter training, each player receives a winter baseball academy shirt. In 2020, each player will receive a winter training hat with a commemorative patch.

How to Keep Your Uniform Looking New

I've found that using Fels Naptha works best. It can be purchased at your local Walmart next to the laundry detergent, or on Amazon.

In my laundry sink, I get the pants wet and then rinse the loose dirt off. Then you can rub the Fels Naptha bar on the pants (like you would a bar of soap and a wash cloth) until the pants are full of soap foam. 

Then rub the pants together and work the stains/dirt out. This can be used on your top jersey as well.

Throw them in the washer on heavy wash and voila, back to looking brand new - takes about 10 minutes. 

For Hats, I use the Ball Cap Buddy 

We use Fels Naptha but work the soap in with my hand. Lock the hat in the Ball Cap Buddy, using a clip to ensure the form stays. Depending on how dirty it is, I'll use the permanent press/delicate, or normal (if really dirty) in the washing machine. 

I wash it with other clothes, and then hang dry, as soon as the cycle is completed. I don't use the dishwasher.