What is the KC Outlaws overall baseball philosophy?

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What is Coach Chris' why? Why does he coach?

Coach Chris just wants to get his players ready for their high school tryout and create opportunities for his players to develop in 4 areas: Athletically, Academically, Socially, and Spirituality. Coach Chris just wants to get them better out the door than they came in. It's not a season commitment but a lifelong commitment, to have an impact on people, doing it from the ground floor.

How many games will you play and do you play league?

13U will play about 60-65 games and NOT play fall ball. 11U will play about 50 games and may or may not play fall ball.

What is the KC Outlaws offensive philosophy?

We run a "Triple B" Offense...that is Barrels, Bases, Bunts.

  • We need to Swing with Intent and hit the ball hard every time

  • Bases are important because we have to get great reads

  • Bunts play a role in terms of short game pressure and bridging the gap of eliminating double plays.

What is the KC Outlaws defensive philosophy?

We want to avoid the big inning by:

  • Minimizing the opponents bases.

  • Knowing the hitters and position our players accordingly.

  • Stepping into our action zone and being ready to react.

  • Flushing mistakes immediately and going to the next play.

  • Keeping any double plays in order.

  • Not giving up "the next run".

Are you a baseball club?

While we practice as hard, and play as many games as the local baseball clubs, the KC Outlaws are an independent baseball organization.

Some club teams may charge $90-$160 a month, or around $2,600 a year for spring ball, and $900 for fall, so we pride ourselves on providing a quality and competitive baseball experience, at a price that doesn't break the bank.

You can see our fees by clicking HERE.

A lot of youth coaching has become more about selling their "Brand" than about focusing on what is best for young athletes. A player doesn't need to play for a club to get better, you need to play for a coach that truly cares about their players, can push development first, knows the game, and can keep it fun.

Are you a Rec team?

No. While there is a place for that, we are looking for advanced players who want to be pushed and challenged.

Do you have/use an indoor facility?

Yes. Our facility is used 2x a week in the winter and 1x a week in the spring/summer season.

Is there a winter workout program?

Yes. Players will workout at our indoor facility for 10 weeks, along with a 4 week core and strengthening program.

Where is the winter workout facility?

Olathe, KS

How are the players taught?

Players learn in different ways. Some KC Outlaws learn by DOING, others learn by SEEING, and a small group learns by READING.

We hit all aspects of the spectrum ensuring that each Outlaw can learn by observing others, listening to their coaches and teammates, exploring, failing, experimenting and asking questions.

What are the players taught?

Every season Coaches create an outline of what they want to teach/accomplish for the year. An outline/copy of that curriculum is provided to the parents and players at the beginning of the spring season.

What metrics are used to determine how a player is performing?

The KC Outlaws utilize Rapsodo for hitting. In addition, a progress chart is used for defensive play, and a production chart is used for offensive play. We have also utilized Gamesense, In Motion Baseball for Defense Awareness, Hit and Pitch Analyzer Apps, Senaptec Strobe Glasses, and Blast Baseball Swing Analyzer. Players on the bench also maintain a team chart in the dugout during game play.

How is the batting lineup determined?

For the KC Outlaws, there is no "Daddy Ball".

We look at a players production rating...that is, how hard a player hits the ball. A score is assigned to each swing. It is then compared to other factors like hits, BABIP, OBP, SLG, etc. Once the data is captured, it falls into a formula we use, and wherever players fall in a lineup, that's where they fall. We may make some adjustments to account for speed, but not very often. That data is also compared to the rest of the team. We do not care about batting average.

How are positions determined?

At 10U, league and pool play (assuming there is only 1 bracket), everyone rotates positions and each game is treated like a glorified scrimmage.

In bracket play, however, Outlaws go out to win, and positions are earned! Others may sit more innings than their teammates in bracket play. While players will fail by learning new positions, this is how they grow.

At 12U each player has a primary and secondary position. Each position is earned and determined by data and the coaching staff.

We do not play in a "feel good league", we play in a "do good league" and this is a sport players have to learn to eventually produce.

If my child sits on the bench what is his role?

Each player will be a board operator monitoring data like Quality At Bat's, Big Innings, Run-Saving Blocks, etc.

What does my child need to do to be successful in baseball?

If a player can do these 4 things well, they will be very successful in the game:

    • Catch the ball...wherever it's thrown.

    • If a player has to throw the ball, throw it accurately.

    • As a hitter, players need to just put the ball in play.

    • Be a professional glove hitter as a pitcher.

Do the simple better and take care of the fundamentals.

How many shortstops do you have?

At 10U, everyone rotates, and plays every position. WHY? To learn baseball IQ and to get them ready for Highschool...this is true of every position.

12U players will have a primary and secondary position.

Why do the KC Outlaws rotate positions?

We are going to change the culture of baseball in Kansas City and our players are going to be part of that. We want each of our players to be high school ready, so it's important they understand each position, and the role it plays on the field.

For the KC Outlaws it's development over winning - always. No High School coach will ever ask what your 11U record was. In addition, as a player gets older, they will play multiple positions less and less, so it's important to increase their baseball IQ early.

What is your culture?

Our culture is like raising an infant. It takes time and patience. As coaches, we are facilitators, not dictators. We are demanding of our players, but not demeaning. Our culture is always moving. We don't measure success by wins and losses (of course we care about the score board and stats), we are just looking to get better. If we do the right things, the winning will take care of itself. To us, relationships matter. We are looking to groom players for beyond the ball field - not just the end result of the game. We push that leadership begins at home and that each player grows from every experience. We want to be the teacher that we would want our son to have. We are using baseball as the foundation for the game of life.

Do you have a parent/player meeting when starting the season?

Yes. We are putting up the slabs of concrete setting the foundation, and then building upon that structure with the players every practice we have.

Does everyone pitch?

At this age, yes, however, others may pitch more innings than others. As players get older that will become less and less.

How many pitches is a 11U or 13U player allowed to throw with the KC Outlaws?

Pitchers are allowed for a certain amount of pitches in a tournament weekend.

There are other rules the KC Outlaws use to insert a new pitcher. This can include things like walks, runs scored, and the amount of pitches in one inning. There are also rules for how many pitches can be thrown in one game. This is to provide for mental and physical optimization on the mound.


An example for an 11U player is below.

Why do you not allow your players to throw breaking balls (e.g. curveball, slider, and slurve)?

We don't take a “win now” approach, but rather, development is our primary goal.

Developing good velocity, repeatable mechanics, and a base of arm strength are more important than breaking balls for even elite high school pitchers – much less youth pitchers!

We also follow and agree with the principles set forth by Driveline Baseball. It often comes down to poor arm fitness and neuromuscular control. Youth athletes aren’t conditioned for high workloads, and, fatigued or not, they don’t have the same body control that an adult has.

Do grades matter for the KC Outlaws?

Yes, grades matter, and are monitored once a player reaches the 2nd half of their 5th grade - usually in January. The message to our Student-Athletes are: "Do well in school or players will watch from the stands". A sample grade report can be find HERE.

Are players made aware if a coach believes a player is struggling on the field?

Yes, while these conversations are not easy, they are sometimes necessary to help fix what might be wrong.

How do you determine who is doing well, and who is not?

Everything is tracked using charts in the dugout.

Points are assigned to each player, after every play and every pitch. Coaches, and players alike, are monitoring what each player is doing well, and where they are struggling so that we can praise,and/or help our players grow.

Points can be assigned for things like putouts, assists, hits, etc. While points can be taken away for mental errors, past balls, base running blunders, etc. That data is also compared to the rest of the team.

How are practices ran?

Please click on the PRACTICE INFO tab for a better understanding. Practices are very structured with little down time.

Some sample drills can be found by clicking HERE.

What signal system do you use?

KC Outlaws will learn both the touch and number system.

Are there tryouts?

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How often are tryouts?

Tryouts are held at the end of each fall and spring season.

Is there a fee for tryouts?


What kind of fees/costs are projected?

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What does a jersey/uniform consist of?

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What are your teams core values/beliefs?

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What if we cannot afford to pay the complete fall/spring fee?

We offer multiple outlets for fundraising in order to help with fees along with payment plans for those that may need that as an option as well. We will work with you however we can in order to ensure your player has an opportunity to play.

Where do you practice and play games?

Please refer to the PRACTICE INFO TAB. Games are usually played around the Kansas City Metro area.

Practices are held at Freedom Fields and Mid America Sports Complex.

Do you offer clinics?

Yes, multiple clinics are provided for Outlaw players throughout the season, and can consist of catching, pitching, infield, etc.

Examples of our most recent catchers clinic can be found HERE, HERE or HERE.

Are players only from Johnson County, KS?

No, players come from all over the KC metro area.

What type of player is a KC Outlaw?

The team looks for players that are athletic, but those who can also control their attitude, energy, effort in a positive and contagious way, who wants to compete.

Are parents allowed to coach from behind the fence, argue with umpires, and/or opposing fans?

Absolutely not! Your role is to cheer for your son and tell them how fun it is for you to watch them play. Let the coaches coach. While the calls may not be perfect, let the coaches handle that, too! We want parents who are willing to step away and make this the experience for the player...not the parent.

Do the KC Outlaws carry insurance?

Yes, the team carries liability insurance covering $1,000,000 for each occurrence through Sadler & Company.

Do the KC Outlaws travel outside of Kansas City for tournaments?

Most games are played in the KC metro area.

The 12U team went to the Slumpbuster in Omaha in the spring 2019 season. They will go to Branson, and Arkansas in the Spring 2021 season. Both teams could play in Topeka, but mostly we stay local.

The 10U team will stay local.

What's the best way to keep my uniform looking new?

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Do you have a team store?

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Are there coupons for the team store?

Yes, please visit the bottom of the TEAM STORE tab for coupon codes from our team vendor.

Who is Coach Chris?

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What is Coach Chris' win/loss record as the Outlaws Head Coach?

Coach Chris started coaching the KC Outlaws in the Winter of 2017 and has a win loss record of about .500.

Does Coach Chris carry a basic first aid kit and have it available at all times?


Is Coach Chris USA Baseball Coach Certified?

Coach Chris has completed his "A", "B" and "C" USA Baseball Coaching Certification. These certifications can be viewed HERE.

The Coaching Certification Program aims to create a higher standard of coaching education and enhance the ability of coaches to better serve their athletes, their team and the communities.

These ratings require the completion of a series of courses, resources and programs offered by USA BASEBALL.

The curriculum includes educational resources that cover important topics such as health and safety, creating a positive environment, recognizing and responding to misconduct, practice planning, game management, skill-specific development and hosting local coaching clinics in your own community.



What does it mean to be PURE BASEBALL COMPLIANT and why is this important?

Pure Baseball is USA Baseball's zero-tolerance policy regarding abuse - inclusive of emotional, physical and sexual misconduct - within the sport of baseball across the United States to ensure the overall well-being of its minor athletes.

Pure Baseball is comprised of four components: reporting, background checks, education and training, and minor athlete safety policies.

Coach Chris has completed the two abuse awareness courses hosted by two-time World Series champion David Ross. These courses include Abuse Awareness for Adults and Abuse Awareness for Minors satisfy the education and training requirements set forth by United States Senate Bill 534 for the entirety of the amateur baseball community.

Does Coach Chris follow Senate Bill 534 - Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017?

Yes! In order to follow the law, United States Senate Bill 534 requires that all adults working with minor athletes undergo a background check and follow certain requirements.

For example, Coach Chris will never individually text a player. He will not drive any player home/to a practice without other players/adults in the car. Any meeting between a minor athlete and a staff member must occur when additional coaching staff or parent is present, except under emergency circumstances. Any email sent to a minor player will also be sent to the parent. Electronic communications will only be sent between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Other rules of the law that Coach Chris must follow, can also be found HERE.

Has Coach passes a background check as required by Senate Bill 534 and PURE BASEBALL COMPLIANCE?

Yes! Coach Chris has indeed submitted and passed this background check and it can be found be clicking HERE.

Is Coach Chris a member and does he attend the ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association) Baseball Conference, or the Kansas Baseball Coaches Association Clinics meetings?

Yes, he is a member of both associations and attends both the Kansas state and national baseball conferences, along with local Barnstormers clinics. He pays to attend these events using his own funds. Coach Chris is completely dedicated to learning, as well as the growth and development of each player. He is also a member of the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association.

Does Coach Chris belong to any other affiliations?

Coach Chris also attends the Mohegan Sun World Baseball Coaches' Convention and also has the Rapsodo Hitting Certification. Is USA Baseball Coaching Certified and also a member of the Texas High School Baseball Coaches Association and is a USA Baseball Tryout Coach.

Should we throw a baseball in the winter?

We believe players should have 4 months of active rest (no throwing) per year, with a minimum of at least 2 months being consecutive. The KC Outlaws take 3 months off consecutively.

The KC Outlaws take off the beginning of October and all of November, December and half of January. In addition, take off mid-July to mid/late August (if you play fall ball).

What are the expectations for KC Outlaws Catchers?

Our catchers must:

  • Take on the role of a leader.

  • Keep strikes strikes.

  • Keep the ball in front of them.

  • Work to limit the opposing running game.

  • Learn our pitchers.

  • Along with the coaches, know the opposing hitters.

  • Build rapport with umpires.

How do the KC Outlaws measure success for our catchers?

The KC Outlaws strive to have

  • Successful Block Opportunity = 80%+.

  • Runners are caught stealing = 15%+

  • Passed or Dropped Ball = 3 or less a game

  • Mental errors = 3 or less a game

  • Throwing errors = 3 or less a game

What hitting data do we utilize via Rapsodo?

We care about, measure, and focus on Exit Velocity, Spin Rate, Launch Angle, and Distance. The average data by age is listed below. Our players get measured against the data below. Based on each players data we can tweak their swing.

Do you allow your players to throw breaking balls (e.g. curveball, slider, and slurve)?

No. Not until they are 14.